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    Dalian Hengxinda Ship Building Co., Ltd.

      大連亨欣達船舶修造有限公司,前身大連亨達船舶修造有限公司,主要從事船舶舾裝制作與安裝以及船舶管系工程。公司成立于2009年,經過近十年的發展,公司擁有一支技術雄厚的船舶修理隊伍和多名工程師和技師組成的技術團隊,員工 150 多人。在船、機、電、舾、涂等各類系統的維修及安裝調試方面具有豐富的實戰經驗。多年來從未發生一起勞務糾紛及安全事故。



      Dalian Hengxinda Ship Building Co., Ltd., formerly known as Dalian Hengda Ship Building Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the production and installation of ship outfitting and ship piping engineering. The company was founded in 2009, after nearly ten years of development, the company has a strong technical ship repair team and a number of engineers and technicians technical team, more than 150 employees. In ship, machinery, electricity, outfitting, painting and other systems of maintenance and installation and commissioning with rich practical experience. There has never been a labor dispute or safety accident for many years.

      Our products include marine mechanical equipment, marine mechanical equipment accessories, marine accessories, marine fire safety and life-saving equipment, marine living area supplies, marine carbon steel series pipes and fittings, marine stainless steel series pipes and fittings, marine hardware tools, marine flange series, marine sealing materials, marine bolt series, marine valve switch series, marine crane Machine, crane, marine lubricating oil of various brands,Marine ropes, water pipes, etc.



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