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    Dalian North Brother International Trading Co.,Ltd.



      Dalian North Brothers International Trading Co., Ltd.

      It has three affiliated companies.

      1. 大連市普蘭店北方境外職業交流有限公司

      1.Dalian Pulandian North Overseas Vocational Exchange Co., Ltd.


      2.Dalian Hengxinda Ship Building Co., Ltd.,


      3.Dix On Fashion(Dalian) Co., Ltd



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      一. The company profile

      Dalian North Brothers International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in March 2005. It mainly focuses on domestic general trade, import and export of Japanese goods, and provides residential building design drawings for Japan as its main business. The annual marketing amount is 30,000,000.00 RMB, with more than 80 employees. Among them, there are 7 professional talents in various types of procurement; 9 professional translators in English, Japanese and Korean.

      The company upholds the needs of users as the center, adheres to the business philosophy of "sincere casting, customer first", and integrates scientific management and strict management of product quality throughout the company's development process. Welcome domestic and foreign companies to visit our company for guidance And through our continuous efforts, we will certainly be able to achieve a mutually beneficial win-win situation with our partners!




      ●住 所:大連開発區金馬路138號





      ●地址:遼寧省大連市開發區金馬路138號古耕國際商務大廈 705/704/604室 〒116600

      ●創 立:2005年3月21日




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